Presentation Skills

A successful presentation is not just about what you say –

it’s about how you say it.

Public Speaking Skills: Beginner, Refresher and Executive Modules

Our Present Powerfully’ Workshop equips you with skills to deliver presentations professionally and powerfully and importantly, grab the attention of your audience – for all the right reasons.

Our Workshops help you:

  • Communicate with confidence and professionalism – in a way your audiences will want to listen to you
  • Liberate yourself from speech notes!! Discover just how much you can say without reading every word.
  • Create and deliver power-point presentations as a prompt – not a life support!
  • ‘Translate’ potentially complex or technical information so your audience understands
  • Develop confidence to be a fabulous and eloquent public speaker.

Get to your point – fast

  • Speak ‘the language’ of your audience
  • Handle awkward questions or moments
  • Manage nerves – and hostile audience members
  • Leave your audience with a positive and lasting impression

It’s about your appearance, your eye contact with the audience, your body language, the words you use and importantly, how you use your voice – we focus heavily on inflections, emphases, pauses, projection, breathing and pace techniques.

Our workshops cater to those with no presentations experience, those with some experience and those wanting to update their skills or to ‘rehearse’ for a specific media appearance or event.

We also assist in development and delivery of power-point presentations to ensure they’re relevant to your audience and workable, for you.