Media Training

Our workshops replicate the news media environment 100%.

Half day, Full Day and 2-day workshops are available.

  • Beginners
  • Refresher
  • Executive
  • Crisis media
  • Executive Individual workshops
  • Interview rehearsals and preparation

We understand media.

We’re really good at it.

Our Communicating Confidently media training workshops explain how to work with the media, talk to journalists, and attract the media – when you want to.

We can even help you avoid the media – graciously.

Our 24/7 BishopMedia Back-Stop Service can provide you the security of knowing we’re always available to help, advise and support you if a crisis issue erupts, or if the media comes knocking unexpectedly.

Many people choose to avoid the media because of negative perceptions or a previously poor media experience. We get that.

So we provide a safe and controlled environment to road-test what works for you – and to discover what doesn’t work, without the world listening in or watching.

Interview sessions involving a TV news-experienced cameraman are personally encouraging because we understand many participants will be outside of their professional comfort zone and have differing levels of media and public speaking experience

Our workshops are customised to your organisational requirements ensuring interest to participants and relevance in results.

No template training here.

The skills we offer can be applied to media announcements or interviews, public announcements, staff or boardroom meetings, community meetings, forums or any public speaking event.

Importantly, our workshops provide communicating tools that last for life.